Using Wacom eraser in GIMP

Well, if you have Wacom tablet, you should know that our pen have eraser on the top. This working well in Photoshop, but not in GIMP. Since I’m GIMP user, I would love this eraser working too, but I can’t find the way…

So, I’m searching the web, and get the solution. It is pretty simple actually, all we need to do is…okay, read more to read… 🙂

So, this is how to do it.

1. Open GIMP application.
2. Select the eraser tool using the eraser tip, umm… I mean, click on the eraser tool that placed in toolbox using the eraser tip.
3. Back to the pen tip, you will see that it will automatically switched to the previous tool you were using…!
4. Enjoy the eraser now… 🙂

So, GIMP understand clearly the difference between the pen tip and the eraser tip, it just don’t know that it is an eraser… LOL 🙂

Thanks to cyborgmoln.se for making this clear… 🙂 I almost change back to Photoshop, but now…I won’t…

Oh, there is one problem that I currently have with my Wacom Bamboo…the cursor is shaking whenever I place the pen near the tablet, even after touch it, it still shaking… I read that it caused by AM, or something similar from monitor or electronic near the tablet…but I can’t seem able to find the cause… Anyone know? It is not cool when holding the scrollbar, then the cursor shaking and makes the page I saw having earthquake… And it is hard to draw a good line with it… 🙁

Found a good link: Install guide: Wacom drawing tablets with GIMP

Hmm… I should try running my Bamboo in Linux someday… 🙂

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