Wacom Bamboo and Inkscape issue

I recently tried to use Inkscape for drawing some vector based graphics, unfortunately my Wacom Bamboo didn’t work as expected. Whenever I move my pen up and back to the Inkscape window, the cursor stuck. To solve it, I need to move my pen to the area outside Inkscape window, then it works again. Really, not comfortable.

Then again, Google helps me to find the answer. 🙂 This bug has been reported and some workaround has been made. Simply by modifying a DLL will make it works fine. However, I’m not gonna get into this thing, thanks to the ready DLL by Voon, it makes our life easier…

Now download the DLL from above links. You will have libgdk-win32-2.0-0.dll. Then, open your Inkscape installed path, usually it is C:\Program Files\Inkscape and replace this new DLL, backup first if you want. Done.

Finally, the Inkscape works fine with my Wacom Bamboo. 🙂 Please note that I’m trying this on Inkscape 0.46.

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