Tokyo Magnitude 8.0


Well, I will bring an unusual topic today. Even though I love anime, but I never post a single post in this topic, but this interesting series makes me want to post one. 🙂 This anime -which is quite underrated- is surprisingly turn out very well. For some people, it might be boring, but for me, it is interesting since the characters emotion was made real, as well as the earthquake.

The first episode introduce the main character, Mirai and her little brother, Yuuki. Mirai was a pessimistic middle school student, while Yuuki is strong and always give courage to her sister. The story started with Mirai, from school, back to home, and then with Yuuki, both without their parent going together to robot exhibition. The first episode ended when the earthquake happened and Yuuki was still traped inside the exhibition building.

It is not recommended for you to hit the read more, if you haven’t watched the series. 🙂