Server outage, 3 days offline, a month credit

A surprising news came to my inbox 2 days ago from Site5, indicating that the server which my account hosted has been down since the night a day before. As a result, all of my website were all down. I have completely moved all of my domain to Site5, so this is certainly a bad news. Fortunately, I don’t have (yet) any business that rely solely on it, so damage to me is actually minimal.

According to Site5 customer service, hardware issue that the server experienced is extremely rare. They had to restore backup and it was a lengthy process, there is also a network issue that caused the restoration to fail at the first time. The restoration finally done today and server is up again. They are also offering one month credit to my account as an apology. 🙂

To my surprise, Site5 is pretty responding regarding this issue. They update the forum frequently and for users that didn’t bother to check the forum often, they sent an email everyday regarding the status of server, explaining what is happening that day. Despite the outage, I’m actually quite happy with the customer service and Site5 itself for a reliable service so far. Hopefully, this won’t happen again in future. 🙂

Yet another year passed

Today is a mark of another year passed, I’m now 20 years old. 🙂

It’s a mark of another step closer to my dream, a mark where I’ll held more responsibilities and a mark of improvement to be an even better person.

Thank you every one for every single support you gave me, especially some of my precious clients which grow together with me all these times, all of my friends from all communities I participated in, my family with their never ending supports, and every one around me – thank you all. I sincerely apologies for any disappointment I have caused – if I ever.

I hope I will get better this year and I hope for all your supports again in future. 🙂

For this moment, I also want to specially thank a good friend from Kaskus W3 Community, idiotnesia. He created my birthday thread in Kaskus last year, but it’s so sad that he passed away later that year due to his illness. His contribution to the community is priceless, as well as the good time the community had at that time – me included. I specially thank you from the deep bottom of my heart, you will be remembered forever my friend.

Thank you.

Happy New Year 2011

So we are in 2011 now. Happy new year!

Well, A little flashback to last year.

As far as my freelance career is concerned, I have improved about 158.18% compared to 2009 in earning. I have worked on small fixing project, PSD conversion project and even on a full featured website for medium business.

And on the art part, I still doing it as a hobby and improved a little over the year. Here is the compilation of my year by year progress.

Now a target in 2011:
– I will create a product and sell it in a marketplace (most likely a WordPress theme)
– Improving my work hours and balancing it with my hobby, learning something new if possible
– Buying some stuff that I was drolling on but couldn’t get one yet 😀

So that’s all. Happy new year again! Enjoy your holiday!

Happy Independence Day for Indonesia

Happy Independence Day for Indonesia! It has been 65 years since we have freed from colonialism, thanks to the patriots that fight back then. Well, this day remind me to my old school day where we have ceremony.

And as usual, Google also celebrate it by changing their logo. 🙂

Farewell to online manga scanlation sites

Few days ago, I was shocked when Manga Toshokan finally taken down the majority of series they host. That means, almost all of the scanlated manga is gone in their site, leaving to manhwa and manhua (Korean and Chinese comic respectively). While I read some manhwa and manhua, it still sad to see all of the manga gone, since Manga Toshokan have a huge collection of manga that I can’t find anywhere.

That’s not ended here. One Manga will also close in a week time. One Manga is my favorite online reader site, though the quality is not as good as the one hosted in Manga Toshokan, it is much faster to load. Now they still have a good time updating any manga they had until the closing end. That’s the final week for them.

Coming soon: www.keaglez.com

My new website will be launched soon. 🙂

The address is in www.keaglez.com.

I’ll put my profile and portfolio in this website soon. The design and website is still in development.

Mean while, I put a fancy coming soon animation. Supported browser are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. Firefox is a little lagged at first. All version of Internet Explorer is not supported, though it still looking good enough. 🙂

I turned 19 today

19 May is always my special day, yes, it is my birthday. 🙂

However, by some reason, for this past few years, things are not doing very well when I’m close to this day. Wonder why… lol But, it is always the best day I have every year. I hope, today is also a good day to me. 🙂

Turned to 19, that means, I have lived for:

19 years or
228 months or
6940 days or
166560 hours or
9993600 minutes or
599616000 seconds

That also means I’m one step further to my dream and bear more responsibility as time flows. Well, I’ll promise to myself that I will really do better from now on. 🙂

Thanks everyone.

I can’t believe this either, but thanks to idiotnesia to remember my birthday and made a thread about this in Kaskus. Thanks for all WWW Kaskuser.
I also get plenty of greetings on Facebook. Thanks friend. 🙂

Google sorry

Well, this is a little unusual. I got two times of Google sorry today, while I actually never got one before. This happened when I’m trying to search a query in Chrome address field. Weird… It might be my network though.

And of course, I don’t have any bot program to run search repeatly. And I also didn’t do any ping to their server. Is that means Google have increased their security for overuse of their search engine? Well, whatever. I just hope that it won’t happen again. 🙂

Things to note

It has been some time since the last post. I’m so damn busy about things. A lot of good and bad things happen in this past two months. Never mind the bad things, but I would like to share the good things. LOL 🙂

Last month, I bought a notebook by credit, a MSI GX633. This notebook is made for gamer, so should work fine for designing job and of course, for drawing and even better for programming. My old Pentium 4 PC is so slow when it comes to run an IDE, such as Aptana and Netbeans, and even worse when I’m drawing, and it lags a lot when I run many browsers (usually 3 version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera) together, IDE and a graphic software. LOL. To make up with it, I used Linux, so at least, I got a better performance than I was on Windows XP. Now, I can run Windows 7 pretty well, have a lot of windows opened together, and still work fine without lag. 🙂