Google Code Jam qualification round

Finally, Google Code Jam 2009 qualification round has finished. I almost forgot this actually, until there is notification that tell us that the Code Jam has a problem at the beginning and get extended time for 2 hours (even though there is a notification 24 hours before, but I completely forgotten, lol). Finally I can participate in a couple of last hours left.

There is three problem that it is needed to be solved. The problem A is pretty simple, we can just change the pattern to Regular Expression and it’s done. I do it this way, but a little slower on large data. The B case is completely blank for me, never have run into this kind of problem before and I can’t finish it. For the C case, I can finish the small data, but not for the large data. It seems, I still need a lot of practice for better algorithm. 🙂 But at least, I’m advanced to the next round. Let’s see how long I can stand in this competition.

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