ZN5 Backup Tools 1.0

Here is my ZN5 version of Backup Tools.

Even though it used the same name as my E2 version, the code is completely different. I rewrite the code to make sure it would worked well in my ZN5. This is written in Bash and requires showQ and showRadio. So any modded firmware should be able to run this. In addition, you need to have Mgx Box, MPKG Box, or similar software to install MGX.

I just added some basic features for the backup and restore. The backup file is stored in tar archive and the file name is generated by date. By default, the backup file is stored in /mmc/mmca1/backup, you can change it anyway.

It support backup and restore following data:

  • Contact, SMS, and other related data stored in /ezxlocal/sysDatabase/main.db
  • Menu Tree
    this should work only on the same firmware, so it is useful when you want to try a new firmware and then return to your old firmware, you restore this file and your menu tree will still the same as before you flashed
  • Web Profiles
  • Settings
    I would recommend you to restore this on the same firmware, although it might worked fine to use the backup for the other firmware

The best feature it has is it support multiple backup. So you can choose to restore backup from any date you want (as long as you have the backup). 🙂


If the download didn’t work, try to right click and choose save link as (or other similar option in your browser).

Hope you find it useful. Cheers… 🙂

Any comments, suggestions and bugs report are welcome. Thanks.

Got a Motorola ZN5

Wohoo, finally I got a Motorola ZN5. The best 5 megapixels camera phone. 🙂 I got it from secondhand, but it is still like new, not even a single scratch in there. 🙂 Now my E2 will be the secondary phone which I will rarely use, not to mention that the modding for it is already too outdated and stuck there without any new things anymore.

The ZN5 is different, it is not a new phone, but the modding is still hot right now. Everything on ZN5 is completely on the higher level than E2. The camera was nice. Love it.

The second day after I got it, it is now flashed to Symbiosis IV, the new MP that pack all the modification and new feature. At first sight, I found that the flashed phone appear to be slower than stock, but after using it for a while, the speed recover by itself. I’m not sure whether the problem is on the overwhelming autorun process or simply because the ZN5 keep caching to improve the performance. 🙂

Now I installed Rockbox and few MGX application. It’s awesome. 🙂 I’m hoping I can contributing too, but sooner or later.

This makes the last granted wish in 2009. 🙂