Ryougi Shiki Fan Art – I killed him

My latest fan art for Kara no Kyoukai’s Ryougi Shiki. This is one great anime with stunning graphics and animations. So I decide that I wanted to draw a fan art of the protagonist, Ryougi Shiki. And here it is.

Things to note

It has been some time since the last post. I’m so damn busy about things. A lot of good and bad things happen in this past two months. Never mind the bad things, but I would like to share the good things. LOL 🙂

Last month, I bought a notebook by credit, a MSI GX633. This notebook is made for gamer, so should work fine for designing job and of course, for drawing and even better for programming. My old Pentium 4 PC is so slow when it comes to run an IDE, such as Aptana and Netbeans, and even worse when I’m drawing, and it lags a lot when I run many browsers (usually 3 version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera) together, IDE and a graphic software. LOL. To make up with it, I used Linux, so at least, I got a better performance than I was on Windows XP. Now, I can run Windows 7 pretty well, have a lot of windows opened together, and still work fine without lag. 🙂

Hatori Miki from Kekkaishi Fan Art

After some while didn’t draw anything with my tablet, this past few days, I spent a little time to draw a character from Kekkaishi, Hatori Miki. The result is, well… I tried to draw her, but I think I have failed… The coloring, hands, hair, face, etc…etc… were different from the original author style, Tanabe Yellow. Well, no matter, I’ll still put it up…

Kekkaishi is now one of my favorite manga. This character, Hatori Miki, is a vice-chief of Yagyou, so she is quite strong and she is cool. (Oh, rite, I always like cool -and cute- character… :D) Her speciality is the power in her left hand, that can send “black wings” to attack. Oh, the left hand is full of tatto, which is used to limit her power if I’m not mistaken. 🙂 And here it is…

Hatori Miki

Using Wacom eraser in GIMP

Well, if you have Wacom tablet, you should know that our pen have eraser on the top. This working well in Photoshop, but not in GIMP. Since I’m GIMP user, I would love this eraser working too, but I can’t find the way…

So, I’m searching the web, and get the solution. It is pretty simple actually, all we need to do is…okay, read more to read… 🙂

Mizore Shirayuki Fan Art

Ah, it has been sometime since my last post. I’m busy with some other work lately, but when I’m free…I’m going read manga and ended up drawing one of my favorite character. 🙂 Now, this is Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire. Pretty good manga, I love it. The Mizore, is a cool girl, actually a monster known as snow girl. She has the power to manipulate ice. This character is cool, pretty cute (not as cute as the main character Moka though), a lonely girl and weirdo…she is a stalker… lol 🙂 But I like the art so I draw one.

Here it is…

For the large version, here it is. Be careful, the images is quite big. 🙂