Autorun Manager from Revival project

While we doing Revival project a little while ago with arctu, Taurnil, and others, we actually have working hard for some cool application for our E2. This project, unfortunately have been aborted since all of us have no time to continue it. One of the application I made, the Autorun Manager is one of the hardest application I have ever made. This application used PHP as its programming language and use arctu’s show* binaries as the GUI. Since the project stopped, I think I need to release it as standalone application that compatible with most monster pack out here.

Why PHP? Because it is fast, more than Bash. The meaning of the fast, is the speed while processing data and not the GUI speed, since show* binaries is fairly slow. So, with PHP, I can made more data processing while not sacrificing the speed. It is also more flexible.

The Autorun Manager package include another php script that can be used with command line. So, this make it possible for other application to use it for managing autorun like the Autorun Manager do. So, if you are developer that want to create an application and need to use autorun, this will help you.

The command line script is placed on /ezxlocal/etc_files/autorun (it is a file without extention). This file will be copied to above directory at the first time you run this application. It is PHP script, so you need to call PHP with this files. Before that, you need to create your autorun script first, using sh or lin as the extention. Then place the script on /ezxlocal/.system/autorun folder. Here is a quick example.

export PATH=/mmc/mmca1/.system/bin:/mmc/mmca1/bin:/ezxlocal/.system/bin:/ezxlocal/bin:$PATH
cp my_script.lin /ezxlocal/.system/autorun
php /ezxlocal/etc_files/autorun -a my_script.lin

The first line is to set path where the PHP binary is placed. As long as the user have PHP Loader installed, this path should be enough to locate the PHP binary.

Now the second line, we copy the script to autorun folder. And on the the third line, you will see we call the this PHP script using -a my_script.lin as argument. Use –help argument to see the complete list of accepted argument.

For the script, you need to have one title variable with any value you want. The quick example is like below.

title=”My Script”
### continue with your script

This script, as I mentioned above, should be copied to /ezxlocal/.system/autorun.

To download this application, go to the download page.

What do you think about this application? Will newer monster pack use it and standarize it? Hehe… I think it is a good way to manage autorun. Again, this is arctu’s idea, I just write the application and add more feature in it. 🙂

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