Link Menu 1.0 – jQuery Plugin

Hello there.

I would like to share a jQuery plugin I created some day ago. This is called Link Menu, and currently on version 1.0. This plugin will add a menu box on your link when clicked or double clicked, you can set it on option.

I have used this on my blog if you noticed. 😉



This file is released under the term of GNU GPL.

Hope you find it useful.

Thank you.

The Adv Menu Organizer source code

Ok guys, this is my new application source. If you haven’t know this, please take a look on my website. This application will be useful to organizing your menu faster and easier.

This is my first time creating a C++ and QT application. Therefore, sorry if the code is a bit messy. This application is created using SDK by blackhawk with E2 header files taken from lasly’s SDK. Lately, I got header files from arctu, but it doesn’t make differences whether it compiled using any of these SDK.