Delay again…….

Hi there, I’m sorry that I am still unable to finish the Picture Flow based application for E2. Probably, until the end of this month, I still can’t work on it. So, it will be delayed again. Not sure till when, but I will make sure it will be done, someday… 😛

As for now, I have been busy working with some “real life work” and I can’t spend my time on this thing yet. Well, I just started working and I still can’t manage my schedule yet. So, I would like to say sorry if you waited for this… (if any) 🙂

An earlier Flowbox development report and snap

Some feature from Flowbox have been completed today. Now I can browse around my files and folders. 🙂 However, it still need a lot of work and improvement, since in the current stage, it still working slowly and buggy.

As of now, I have able to change the widget size and image size using separated configuration files. To read configuration, I use ConfigFile class by kidscracker, which used on his E2 Light application. So for theme system, it is working now.

Flowbox, development plan :)

On my previous post, I said that I wan’t to create an application using PictureFlow widget as it’s interface. Now, the idea is ready, the coding will be begin in short time. Here is the idea.

First, what the application does is a file manager with the awesome PictureFlow interface. So, we will able to browse our phone/card directory. That’s the basic of this application, and I named it Flowbox. 🙂