Google Page Rank 3…but

Google just updated their Page Rank again. And good thing that now this blog Page Rank increased to 3. Still, this blog is less updated, and recently visitors is decreased, but somehow, the Page Rank is increased. Not sure why though… 🙂 But Alexa reflect the actual condition, it decreased to about 1.9 million, from about 1.2 million before.

Okay, just a quick post… 🙂

Oh, right, recently, spammer is increased… And they now even can pass the Akismet…!

Google Page Rank 2!

LOL, I can’t believe that this blog has Google Page Rank 2 now. My Alexa also now ranked in 943,041. Good news then… I think I will write more now… 🙂

I wonder how Google give this PR, as this blog didn’t have many visitor and didn’t have many backlinks (only two based on Google). So, how is this PR actually work? Hmmmm…. Well, hope I will get PR 3 later… haha 😀

Finally! Page Rank +1

Today, I check my blog and saw that my Google Page Rank (PR) has increased by one (see the banner on the sidebar). That means, my PR now is 1, instead of 0 before. Seems like I need 3 weeks to get 1 PR…. lol 😀 It’s not bad… Wonder how long will I need to get one more PR. 🙂

For Alexa traffic rank, I still in 3,634,792, but in Indonesian my traffic rank is in 27,547. As far as I can see, Alexa has updated my traffic rank twice, from 5 millions more, to 4 millions more, and now, 3,634,792. For a new blog, I think it’s not bad… 🙂