Boa Hancock Fan Art

While my internet down yesterday, I spend my time on drawing. Now, instead of drawing my original character, I draw a fan art of Boa Hancock, one of the One Piece character. If you follow the latest One Piece, you should know this character. She is a Shichibukai, so no doubt that she is strong, cute and arrogance. Every man in this world is fall in love with her, except Luffy. And she ends up falling in love with Luffy. lol 🙂 I like this character, so I draw her first as my first published fan art.

Here it is:
(click to view in full resolution)

Sylviss Sofian

Another art of Sylviss Sofian, the character I created from my imagination… 🙂

art of Sylviss Sofian

Sorry, but my coloring skill is suck… 🙁


During my internet downtime two days ago, I bored sitting in front of my computer and a little tired after reading QT programming eBook, I open up my GIMP then started to drawing using the mouse. Here is the result image: http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc274/keaglez/2-low.jpg (the image size is quite large, it might need sometime to load if you use slow connection)

Yep, it is manga style character (I love drawing this) and a cute girl, lol. 🙂 Her name is Sylviss Sofian, one of the main characters in my virtual (yes, virtual, because it doesn’t exist) manga. She is an archer, and be careful, she can kill you in instant if you dare to touch her…. lol And as usual, I’m suck on coloring so I just give a little effect on the shadow and light… Haha… I’m just bored and I write this on my boring time too… I’ll continue my WordPress templates tutorial asap. 😉