Google Page Rank 3…but

Google just updated their Page Rank again. And good thing that now this blog Page Rank increased to 3. Still, this blog is less updated, and recently visitors is decreased, but somehow, the Page Rank is increased. Not sure why though… 🙂 But Alexa reflect the actual condition, it decreased to about 1.9 million, from about 1.2 million before.

Okay, just a quick post… 🙂

Oh, right, recently, spammer is increased… And they now even can pass the Akismet…!

WordPress 2.8

Now this blog upgraded to the new released WordPress 2.8. 🙂 See the change log for more details what’s new in this version.

I upgrade to this version manually, even though WordPress 2.7 and up has a built in auto update, I seems not able to update it automatically. This is reasonable, since I pick IIX host plan which didn’t have much downstream to download all updates. But well, that’s not much change that I can notice and might be useful for me…

Oh, the Ajaxed WordPress plugins didn’t seems able to work with this version, so I removed that… Another plugins I used is still working fine…

The new version didn’t have many major change, but still, it is always cool to keep updated… lol

See what your user doing in your website


This website offer a very cool service which all webmaster will need. Record your user activities when they are in your website! You can even see the mouse movement and click! It is awesome… 🙂

You can register for free, but you will only have 10 recordings/month. To get more, you must upgrade your plan. But it’s good to study what is your user doing and know what pages they see. Also to understand how usable your website for your visitor and fix them up… Rather than asking the visitor, it is easier to see it lively, isn’t it?

Just visit the official website at http://userfly.com and see what your visitor doing… 😀

Blog moved

If you can see this post, then you are accessing this blog in the new host. Now, I used IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange) host which is located in Indonesia, so it should be faster for Indonesian users. In theory, it should be slower for international users, but I’m not sure either. If you read this post, please tell me if you feel the difference…

The reason I moved to IIX is, to makes this blog load faster for me and my client. Oh, btw, I used Dracoola hosting service, which is pretty good in my opinion. 🙂

Random IM message from Fishbot

So today, I got some random IM message from someone that I don’t know. It appears to be swingingsalmon, a weird name, isn’t it? At first, I thought this message was send from Digsby widget I placed in here, which allow anyone to chat with me. But when I see it further, it is from Yahoo. Thanks to that, now I know what it is… Some information about this “fish” can be read here.

And what even weird is my screen name that appear in his/her screen is ManlyCoho… -.-‘ Damn, a bad name it is… The conversation is just take a moment, nothing special. So now I’m one of the victims from something called “Project Upstream”… The person who is randomly connected to me tell me about this since the conversation started, so me and he/she didn’t get tricked. Well, I am if he/she didn’t tell me first… 🙂

Using Wacom eraser in GIMP

Well, if you have Wacom tablet, you should know that our pen have eraser on the top. This working well in Photoshop, but not in GIMP. Since I’m GIMP user, I would love this eraser working too, but I can’t find the way…

So, I’m searching the web, and get the solution. It is pretty simple actually, all we need to do is…okay, read more to read… 🙂

Internet, where everything can be lied

Have you ever seen a website that tell you how to make easy money? Then they show you the screenshot from their PayPal account, bank account, or even some program (like AdSense, ClickBank, etc) account, with thousands of dollars? Well, I just tired seeing this kind of website around us, seeing how many of people have been fooled…

There is two things to note. First, there is no easy money. Any kind of work require you to work hard, so don’t believe that there is an easy way to earn cash quick. Second, do not ever believe anything that the website show you! If you only read the testimonial, remember, they can write it by their own self, easily. If you seeing the screenshot, it can be manipulated easily. To know how good the website is, start searching on Google and ask on the forum.

Google Page Rank 2!

LOL, I can’t believe that this blog has Google Page Rank 2 now. My Alexa also now ranked in 943,041. Good news then… I think I will write more now… 🙂

I wonder how Google give this PR, as this blog didn’t have many visitor and didn’t have many backlinks (only two based on Google). So, how is this PR actually work? Hmmmm…. Well, hope I will get PR 3 later… haha 😀

Delay again…….

Hi there, I’m sorry that I am still unable to finish the Picture Flow based application for E2. Probably, until the end of this month, I still can’t work on it. So, it will be delayed again. Not sure till when, but I will make sure it will be done, someday… 😛

As for now, I have been busy working with some “real life work” and I can’t spend my time on this thing yet. Well, I just started working and I still can’t manage my schedule yet. So, I would like to say sorry if you waited for this… (if any) 🙂