Happy New Year 2010

Now, 2009 has ended and welcome to 2010! Happy new year for everyone. 🙂

For me, 2009 is a turnaround year. This is the first year I experienced working as a freelancer and as the result, it was a very good beginning. Now 2010 has come, I will try to do better this year.

Unfortunately, we have a sad news just before new year. That is the dead of Indonesia former president, KH. Abdurrahman Wahid or also known as Gus Dur. He was one of the best president ever and the one that gave us a change in our life, by not differentiate everyone, whatever the race and religion. I feel deeply sorry for him and his family, also a deep thanks to him.

Finally the Chrome OS is here

Linux geeks must be know about the new OS from Google for quite a time. Since it was announced back in July, it began to attract attention from many people, including me. 🙂 Finally, Google show how the OS is operating. I could said it is basically a Chrome browser that is made into an OS, instead a full usable OS for everyday work. Let’s take a look on the video.

The oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by Payoneer


The above picture is the oDesk Prepaid Debit MasterCard that is powered by Payoneer. As you might know already, Payoneer offered a prepaid debit card for every member of its partner company. I got mine from oDesk. Here is my personal experience for using this card and also there is some comparison with Paypal regarding the fees. 🙂

Yesterday, I finally received my oDesk Debit MasterCard. It takes approximately 3 weeks from approval into arrival. FYI, I got my card approved in 4 days after registration and it sended through regular mail. Once it is arrived, I activate the card immediately and withdraw my remaining oDesk balance into the card. I was withdrawing $50 into the card.

Google Code Jam qualification round

Finally, Google Code Jam 2009 qualification round has finished. I almost forgot this actually, until there is notification that tell us that the Code Jam has a problem at the beginning and get extended time for 2 hours (even though there is a notification 24 hours before, but I completely forgotten, lol). Finally I can participate in a couple of last hours left.

There is three problem that it is needed to be solved. The problem A is pretty simple, we can just change the pattern to Regular Expression and it’s done. I do it this way, but a little slower on large data. The B case is completely blank for me, never have run into this kind of problem before and I can’t finish it. For the C case, I can finish the small data, but not for the large data. It seems, I still need a lot of practice for better algorithm. 🙂 But at least, I’m advanced to the next round. Let’s see how long I can stand in this competition.

Careful with Float data type

Usually, I store number with decimal point in float, but now I run into a problem – the rounding error. This really doesn’t good in financial data like money, for example, in float datatype, when we calculate 10000000-25, it will result in 9.99998e+006, when we convert to decimal (I do it in PHP), it will result in 9999980. Not good!

But that was a big mistake I made, if you just take the data, let’s say

SELECT floatdatafield FROM whatevertable

you will get this 9.99998e+006 value, and no matter what you do in PHP, you won’t be able to get the exact value, 9999975. So for the solution, we need to use the SQL function, ROUND(). So instead of just select everything, we can do this

SELECT ROUND(floatdatafield,2) AS floatdatafield FROM whatevertable

This will round it to have maximum 2 numbers digit after the decimal point and it will return 9999975.00, exactly what we need.

Another solution is to use decimal data type instead, or by defining the number of digits before and after decimal point of the float.

Beware of OutSourcingRoom dot com

Recently I got a lot of spam message, usually I ignore this kind of message but there is one message that caught my attention. It is the registration information from OutSourcingRoom.com, looks like an outsourcing website similar to Elance and Get a Freelancer. I don’t remember have do any registration with this website and since it is placed in my spam folder, I bet many people have got the same message.

But why did I pay attention with it? Well, I open the website and can see that it was built pretty well, so unlike a scam website, this website sure looks promising. Then, I search in Google to see if there is another people experienced the same thing, and yes, there is. One interesting website that write about this is from Jason Dunn blog. It said that OutSourcingRoom hack and stole costumer data from Elance, then when I search further, I get another similar stories.

However, I didn’t registered on Elance, so probably it now takes data from another website or there is someone who registered using my email address. I’m not sure though, but we need to beware. 🙂

Motorola Zine Forum reward for active member

Good news come from Motorola Zine Forum, one of the forum where I moderate. The owner of the forum will give reward for two most active member, in the end of December 2009, two unit of Motorola Rival A455 (CDMA). Look for the details in Motorola Rival A455 official page. Wow!

Of course, there is some requirements you need to fulfill before you can join this event. For more information, check the official thread. Unfortunately, this only available for Indonesia citizen. 🙂

Update: offers has been closed

Indonesia is crying, again

It has been somewhile since no explosion in Indonesia, from the information gathered by Detik News, the latest explosion happened in September 6, 2006. Almost three years we life without bombing, while we just can have trust from foreigner, now, in just a blast, everything is gone.

The explosion blast in two spot, in two elite hotel in Jakarta, at the almost same time. One of them is JW Marriot Hotel, which also a target back in 2003. Another one is Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Both hotel provide a high security, but somehow they still can get in with explosive material. The good thing is, the explosion happened before M.U (Manchester United) come (scheduled for exhibition match with Indonesia All-stars at July 20), imagine what will happen if they become the victims!!! I heard Indonesia All-stars team will stay at JW Marriot, and M.U team at Ritz-Carlton, is it just a coincidence? What will happen from now on? Will there another attack? What will happen in economy stability, after a global crisis and now this? What will happen when the election result officially announced? Ah, I don’t know….

Well, I’m not reporter, so I won’t update the news about this frequently. But I’m just sad of how this incident happened again. I feel sorry for all victims and all of their family. Let’s fight terrorist together. I hope the police, intelligence, government, etc will solve this case as fast as possible. Heal this world, make it a better place for us, for everyone.