Attack on Titan part 1 live action movie impression


Live action adaptation of a manga can be a hit or miss. To be fair, I have only watched a handful of live action adaptation in recent years, some were pretty good with notable example being Death Note and Samurai X, while some were complete disaster (Dragon Ball Hollywood adaptation anyone?).

This week, Attack on Titan part 1 began its screening in Indonesian theatres and I have just returned from watching it, and so decided to write my impression. I’m a pretty big fan of the original manga from Hajime Isayama, although I watched just a couple of episodes of the anime adaptation. The live action Attack on Titan movie, however, is a loose adaptation of the original storyline. Some characters is featured and important plot point is still there. Although if you are a fan of the original manga, you will notice something is just out of place, odd and some of the story is just cringeworthy. Below is my take of the first of the two part movies. Obviously while I won’t spoil the important part of the movie, consider yourself warned of reading some spoilers.