Ryougi Shiki Fan Art – I killed him

My latest fan art for Kara no Kyoukai’s Ryougi Shiki. This is one great anime with stunning graphics and animations. So I decide that I wanted to draw a fan art of the protagonist, Ryougi Shiki. And here it is.

Nishino Tsukasa Fan Art

Finally I have some time to relaxed a bit so I ended up reading some manga. The choice is romantic manga… 🙂 I read I”s and Ichigo 100%, both was very good and definitely one of the best manga ever made (both is a bit ecchi though). As usual, I do drawing the character I like from the series I finished reading, and now it goes to Ichigo 100%’s Nishino Tsukasa. I do love I”s though, but I didn’t kinda like the art, so I ended up with Nishino Tsukasa from Ichigo 100%.

In this series, it is a harem story between 3 main girls who love the same man, although the story is progressed more to two girls, Toujo Aya and Nishino Tsukasa. I like them both, but sorry for Aya fans, I do like Tsukasa better. 🙂

Here is the final result

Nishino Tsukasa

Well, I think this is currently the best one I ever draw. I spend few hours on drawing the lineart, and another few hours for coloring. Not sure how much time I took, but it is likely about 12 hours. I do twice on coloring since I’m not satisfied with the first. It really takes time since I’m such a noob. lol 🙂

Sorry for Tsukasa fans who might dislike this art…I tried my best though… Well then, that is for now…

Hatori Miki from Kekkaishi Fan Art

After some while didn’t draw anything with my tablet, this past few days, I spent a little time to draw a character from Kekkaishi, Hatori Miki. The result is, well… I tried to draw her, but I think I have failed… The coloring, hands, hair, face, etc…etc… were different from the original author style, Tanabe Yellow. Well, no matter, I’ll still put it up…

Kekkaishi is now one of my favorite manga. This character, Hatori Miki, is a vice-chief of Yagyou, so she is quite strong and she is cool. (Oh, rite, I always like cool -and cute- character… :D) Her speciality is the power in her left hand, that can send “black wings” to attack. Oh, the left hand is full of tatto, which is used to limit her power if I’m not mistaken. 🙂 And here it is…

Hatori Miki

Mizore Shirayuki Fan Art

Ah, it has been sometime since my last post. I’m busy with some other work lately, but when I’m free…I’m going read manga and ended up drawing one of my favorite character. 🙂 Now, this is Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire. Pretty good manga, I love it. The Mizore, is a cool girl, actually a monster known as snow girl. She has the power to manipulate ice. This character is cool, pretty cute (not as cute as the main character Moka though), a lonely girl and weirdo…she is a stalker… lol 🙂 But I like the art so I draw one.

Here it is…

For the large version, here it is. Be careful, the images is quite big. 🙂

Boa Hancock Fan Art

While my internet down yesterday, I spend my time on drawing. Now, instead of drawing my original character, I draw a fan art of Boa Hancock, one of the One Piece character. If you follow the latest One Piece, you should know this character. She is a Shichibukai, so no doubt that she is strong, cute and arrogance. Every man in this world is fall in love with her, except Luffy. And she ends up falling in love with Luffy. lol 🙂 I like this character, so I draw her first as my first published fan art.

Here it is:
(click to view in full resolution)