Jison Case for iPad Pro 9.7” review

Jison Case is a case manufacturer from China that made products mostly for Apple devices, with small selection for a few Android devices. With headquarter office in Guangzhou, they also have office spread over China, US and even Australia. A Jison Case representative get in touch with me and provide me with a product in exchange for an honest opinion. This is a review of their iPad Pro 9.7” case.

In general, this is a really simple case with front cover that provide basic protection. It’s similar to Apple’s Smart Cover, only that this also cover the back and every side of the iPad Pro. The PU leather material feels pretty good in hand and it is quite lightweight, so it doesn’t add much weight to the iPad Pro.

Jison Case claimed that this case features drop resistance, hard, shockproof and anti-dust. While I won’t drop my iPad Pro anytime soon to proof this, it might increase the chance of survival should such a thing happens. Although if you need that kind of protection, I’ll recommend a more heavy duty case, which this one isn’t.

The case have all the necessary cutout, so every functionality won’t be compromised by using this case. The front cover also have some hidden magnet so it sticks to the screen and I’m happy to report that the smart locking mechanism works very well.

Unfortunately, some imperfection can be found on the edges of this case, especially the blemish in camera cutout which is quite visible. While a closer look reveal that these isn’t such a high quality case, it’s also worth pointing out that the case costs less than half of what Apple’s Smart Cover is.

Similar to the Smart Cover, this case also works pretty well as a stand. Only two positions were possible, a right up angle for use in table top position, great for watching video and the lower angle that is quite useful for drawing. There is another angle that I thought is possible, but it’s not.

Also I wish there is somewhere to store the Apple Pencil as this is an iPad Pro case, but this case isn’t designed for that in mind. For that though, they do have other case with Apple Pencil holder built in, but for the newer 10.5” and 12.9” iPad Pro, which you might want to check it out if you have these newer iPad Pro.

So in summary, there isn’t much to say about this case. It’s a simple case and serve the purpose well enough. It’s a good substitute to Apple’s own Smart Cover, with a price less than half, you’ll get a case that offers a better protection all around. That is if you don’t mind the imperfection around the edges.

You can find more information about this case and buy it here or through their Aliexpress store here. It’s available in three different color, black, pink and brown.

You can find other products from Jison Case in their Aliexpress Store and more info about the company and their products at www.jisoncase.com.

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