Yet another year passed

Today is a mark of another year passed, I’m now 20 years old. 🙂

It’s a mark of another step closer to my dream, a mark where I’ll held more responsibilities and a mark of improvement to be an even better person.

Thank you every one for every single support you gave me, especially some of my precious clients which grow together with me all these times, all of my friends from all communities I participated in, my family with their never ending supports, and every one around me – thank you all. I sincerely apologies for any disappointment I have caused – if I ever.

I hope I will get better this year and I hope for all your supports again in future. 🙂

For this moment, I also want to specially thank a good friend from Kaskus W3 Community, idiotnesia. He created my birthday thread in Kaskus last year, but it’s so sad that he passed away later that year due to his illness. His contribution to the community is priceless, as well as the good time the community had at that time – me included. I specially thank you from the deep bottom of my heart, you will be remembered forever my friend.

Thank you.

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