Moneybookers and Paypal Bank Withdrawal Comparison

If you are working with foreign clients, chances are you will need to have accounts on either Paypal, Moneybookers or some other similar services. Paypal is currently accepted almost everywhere, it provides the best features and in my opinion, the Paypal web interface is the cleanest and easiest to use while providing a detailed information for each transaction. Moneybookers on other hand is also a growing alternative to Paypal, it is also widely accepted, but the downside for me is their web interface is somehow lacking and they didn’t provide a detailed information for each transaction like Paypal did.

They are both excellent, quick and cheap service to receive your money. Now I will going to compare the withdrawal process from both service, comparing the fee, rate and the time it needed to arrive to my bank account.


The Paypal fee for withdrawal here is IDR 16.000 (about $1,8) for a withdrawal that less than IDR 1.500.000 (about $173) and free if more. On the other side, the Moneybookers use a flat fee for $2,42 for each withdrawal.

Paypal is winning here, so one score for Paypal.


To make this fair, I compare both service by withdrawing at around the same time, at February 16 morning. Paypal immediately show the rate for that day upon withdrawal request, it is IDR 8.682,11. Moneybookers unfortunately didn’t show any rate, so I must wait until the arrival date to count the rate. The Moneybookers rate I received is IDR 8.735.

There is a small IDR 52,89 differences between both, so unless you are withdrawing a lot of money, it won’t hurt you anyway. However, Moneybookers still win, so one score for Moneybookers.

Time to Arrival

There is nothing more awful other than the anxiety of waiting to see your money arrived on your bank account. Again, for the fair comparison, I was withdrawing at around the same time. I place the withdrawal request at February 16 morning. I retrieved the money from Paypal at February 18, afternoon. And the money from Moneybookers is arrived at February 17, again in afternoon.

The withdrawal process on Moneybookers is faster, taking a day and a half. While Paypal is standing one day behind. Again, Moneybookers overcome Paypal and score another point. Now, score-wise, Moneybookers is leading with 2 and Paypal with 1.

The Table

Now, I present you with the table comparison of the withdrawal from $100 into $800. I will use the rate when this article is written, so this data is served as a reference only, and it might not be correct in future (who knows if someday Paypal have a better rate than Moneybookers or Moneybookers have a much better rate?). So again, this is only a reference, use on your own risk. Don’t blame me for the accuracy. 🙂

Rate for Paypal is IDR 8.682,11
Rate for Moneybookers is IDR 8.735

Service Fees Retrieved Amount
Withdrawal for $100
Paypal IDR 16.000 IDR 852.211,00
Moneybookers $ 2.42 IDR 852.361,30
Differences IDR 150,30 (Moneybookers)
Withdrawal for $200
Paypal Free IDR 1.736.422,00
Moneybookers $ 2.42 IDR 1.725.861,30
Differences IDR 10.560,70 (Paypal)
Withdrawal for $300
Paypal Free IDR 2.604.633,00
Moneybookers $ 2.42 IDR 2.599.361,30
Differences IDR 5.271,70 (Paypal)
Withdrawal for $400
Paypal Free IDR 3.472.844,00
Moneybookers $ 2.42 IDR 3.472.861,30
Differences IDR 17,30 (Moneybookers)
Withdrawal for $500
Paypal Free IDR 4.341.055,00
Moneybookers $ 2.42 IDR 4.346.361,30
Differences IDR 5.306,30 (Moneybookers)
Withdrawal for $600
Paypal Free IDR 5.209.266,00
Moneybookers $ 2.42 IDR 5.219.861,30
Differences IDR 10.595,30 (Moneybookers)
Withdrawal for $700
Paypal Free IDR 6.077.477,00
Moneybookers $ 2.42 IDR 6.093.361,30
Differences IDR 15.884,30 (Moneybookers)
Withdrawal for $800
Paypal Free IDR 6.945.688,00
Moneybookers $ 2.42 IDR 6.966.861,30
Differences IDR 21.173,30 (Moneybookers)

You could see that Moneybookers win by leading 6 out of the 8. While Paypal only manage to win 2, but the range it’s leading is in $200 and $300, which is the one used most I believe. Interestingly, the $100 and $400 range is somewhat equal between both. But Moneybookers is definitely leading in $500 and more range.

So by the table above, we could take a summary that Paypal is a better solution when you are withdrawing $400 or less. And Moneybookers is a better one if you need to withdraw more than $400. As for the score, I’ll give it a draw, so Moneybookers 3, Paypal 2.


Both solution are an excellent solution for receiving money and withdrawing. Paypal wins in the lower fee (and even free) and is better overall in less than $400 range. Moneybookers is leading with a better rate, faster and definitely better in more than $400 range.

Overall, Moneybookers is a better choice to withdrawing your money. Not that it offers a better rate, it is also faster. The fees won’t hurt you much as it is compensated with a faster process.

As for me, I will stick with this two. They are both excellent and I liked the Paypal interface better. 🙂

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