Happy New Year 2011

So we are in 2011 now. Happy new year!

Well, A little flashback to last year.

As far as my freelance career is concerned, I have improved about 158.18% compared to 2009 in earning. I have worked on small fixing project, PSD conversion project and even on a full featured website for medium business.

And on the art part, I still doing it as a hobby and improved a little over the year. Here is the compilation of my year by year progress.

Now a target in 2011:
– I will create a product and sell it in a marketplace (most likely a WordPress theme)
– Improving my work hours and balancing it with my hobby, learning something new if possible
– Buying some stuff that I was drolling on but couldn’t get one yet 😀

So that’s all. Happy new year again! Enjoy your holiday!

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