Ryougi Shiki Fan Art – I killed him

My latest fan art for Kara no Kyoukai’s Ryougi Shiki. This is one great anime with stunning graphics and animations. So I decide that I wanted to draw a fan art of the protagonist, Ryougi Shiki. And here it is.

This scene take places on the final battle between Shiki and Shirazumi, which finally slice down Shirazumi in many pieces. Since I have never draw something that bloody before, this is new to me and I’m quite like it. 🙂 The drawing takes many hours to complete, from rough sketch to full color page. Can’t really count it since the sketch and color is not done at the same time (I draw the sketch a few couple weeks ago). This is an enjoyable experience and I hope you like it…

Sorry for the blood though.

Check it out on my deviant Art for high resolution. Don’t forget to favorite it if you like. 🙂


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