I turned 19 today

19 May is always my special day, yes, it is my birthday. 🙂

However, by some reason, for this past few years, things are not doing very well when I’m close to this day. Wonder why… lol But, it is always the best day I have every year. I hope, today is also a good day to me. 🙂

Turned to 19, that means, I have lived for:

19 years or
228 months or
6940 days or
166560 hours or
9993600 minutes or
599616000 seconds

That also means I’m one step further to my dream and bear more responsibility as time flows. Well, I’ll promise to myself that I will really do better from now on. 🙂

Thanks everyone.

I can’t believe this either, but thanks to idiotnesia to remember my birthday and made a thread about this in Kaskus. Thanks for all WWW Kaskuser.
I also get plenty of greetings on Facebook. Thanks friend. 🙂

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