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It has been some time since the last post. I’m so damn busy about things. A lot of good and bad things happen in this past two months. Never mind the bad things, but I would like to share the good things. LOL 🙂

Last month, I bought a notebook by credit, a MSI GX633. This notebook is made for gamer, so should work fine for designing job and of course, for drawing and even better for programming. My old Pentium 4 PC is so slow when it comes to run an IDE, such as Aptana and Netbeans, and even worse when I’m drawing, and it lags a lot when I run many browsers (usually 3 version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera) together, IDE and a graphic software. LOL. To make up with it, I used Linux, so at least, I got a better performance than I was on Windows XP. Now, I can run Windows 7 pretty well, have a lot of windows opened together, and still work fine without lag. 🙂

Well, this is the first time I experienced Windows 7 anyway. I skipped Vista since I heard a lot of complain about it, and I heard a lot of compliment for 7. XP is a very good OS, and works well with everything, while in 7, I need to care about compatibility. But at least, I have almost every software I need worked just fine. The thing I hate for XP is the windows management. It especially worse when we have a lot of windows opened together, when working, I got more than 10 (sometime can be 20 and even more) windows opened together. In 7, it works a little better, though it is only grouping the same software together (which is available in XP as well), but a lot more eye candy. Eye candy is good when we tired on working in a long time… LOL :D. But well, I still missed workspaces feature in Linux.

The things I don’t like about this notebook is the keyboard, I loved the numeric pad there, but just, the space is too small for all this button together. Also, touch pad is placed in bad position that made it easy to be touched while writing. But thankfully, we have a function key to disable touch pad. So I usually disable it when I use my Wacom tablet. 🙂

About the tablet, 7 didn’t work well with my Wacom Bamboo tablet. 🙁 The tablet suddenly stopped working after sometime, and there is a performance issue too. I searched and read a lot about it on the net. I hope I got it fixed. The solution I found is from this post and this post. Also, for the performance issue, it is related to the Tablet PC service from 7 (and Vista as well). See this thread. Now it worked a lot better.

Okay, that’s it for the notebook and tablet. 🙂

It has been more than one year since I started working as freelancer. Thanks God that I performed better lately. I want to share my first year experience as freelancer, but I’ll write about it later, in another post.

And finally, this is the only art I draw this past two months. 🙂

For comment and full size, please go to my deviant art.

Tthat’s it for now. Thanks for reading. 😉

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