Finally the Chrome OS is here

Linux geeks must be know about the new OS from Google for quite a time. Since it was announced back in July, it began to attract attention from many people, including me. 🙂 Finally, Google show how the OS is operating. I could said it is basically a Chrome browser that is made into an OS, instead a full usable OS for everyday work. Let’s take a look on the video.

And more of the user interface.

Looks good, doesn’t it? But it has a big weakness that might prevent it to success, it needs to be online to have it working. For a country like Indonesia where internet is still not covered everywhere and without a decent speed, it is probably not an OS for us. It is also not an OS for people who use the PC for everyday work, let’s say designer and programmer is out of the scope of the OS can handle. Too bad…

But for a tiny OS, that you will need only to check mail, internet, etc, it might be more than enough. Well, actually, what is the point of having a tiny OS in a full powered net-book? I mean, if you want to check email, internet, etc quickly, then didn’t your gadget is more than enough (especially that is powered with Android)? And net-book these days have enough spec that can work with a more powerful OS, even sacrificing one or two minutes didn’t hurt at all and then you can do more.

Another point that Google might forgot is, net-book is basically targeted to developing country which internet is still something rare, especially for a good quality one. So Chrome OS just lost the battle in these countries. It is not a joke if we want to do a simple document we need to connect internet all the time just to use the Google Docs. 🙂

Cloud concept is good, but it just not that ready yet for everyone. Maybe when internet is cheap enough and can covered everywhere, then it might be a good solution, but unfortunately we don’t see it coming very soon, at least in here Indonesia.

Also, we know many people didn’t like their information stored online. It is not that we can’t trust Google (at least they are a trustworthy company until today) but still, by having our data all stored in Google it is not comfortable at all. After all, we use internet only when we need to share something, and nothing more.

Good or bad, Chrome OS still provide something new. It still worth a try. Review is later… 🙂

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