Indonesia is crying, again

It has been somewhile since no explosion in Indonesia, from the information gathered by Detik News, the latest explosion happened in September 6, 2006. Almost three years we life without bombing, while we just can have trust from foreigner, now, in just a blast, everything is gone.

The explosion blast in two spot, in two elite hotel in Jakarta, at the almost same time. One of them is JW Marriot Hotel, which also a target back in 2003. Another one is Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Both hotel provide a high security, but somehow they still can get in with explosive material. The good thing is, the explosion happened before M.U (Manchester United) come (scheduled for exhibition match with Indonesia All-stars at July 20), imagine what will happen if they become the victims!!! I heard Indonesia All-stars team will stay at JW Marriot, and M.U team at Ritz-Carlton, is it just a coincidence? What will happen from now on? Will there another attack? What will happen in economy stability, after a global crisis and now this? What will happen when the election result officially announced? Ah, I don’t know….

Well, I’m not reporter, so I won’t update the news about this frequently. But I’m just sad of how this incident happened again. I feel sorry for all victims and all of their family. Let’s fight terrorist together. I hope the police, intelligence, government, etc will solve this case as fast as possible. Heal this world, make it a better place for us, for everyone.

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