Beware of OutSourcingRoom dot com

Recently I got a lot of spam message, usually I ignore this kind of message but there is one message that caught my attention. It is the registration information from OutSourcingRoom.com, looks like an outsourcing website similar to Elance and Get a Freelancer. I don’t remember have do any registration with this website and since it is placed in my spam folder, I bet many people have got the same message.

But why did I pay attention with it? Well, I open the website and can see that it was built pretty well, so unlike a scam website, this website sure looks promising. Then, I search in Google to see if there is another people experienced the same thing, and yes, there is. One interesting website that write about this is from Jason Dunn blog. It said that OutSourcingRoom hack and stole costumer data from Elance, then when I search further, I get another similar stories.

However, I didn’t registered on Elance, so probably it now takes data from another website or there is someone who registered using my email address. I’m not sure though, but we need to beware. 🙂

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