Hatori Miki from Kekkaishi Fan Art

After some while didn’t draw anything with my tablet, this past few days, I spent a little time to draw a character from Kekkaishi, Hatori Miki. The result is, well… I tried to draw her, but I think I have failed… The coloring, hands, hair, face, etc…etc… were different from the original author style, Tanabe Yellow. Well, no matter, I’ll still put it up…

Kekkaishi is now one of my favorite manga. This character, Hatori Miki, is a vice-chief of Yagyou, so she is quite strong and she is cool. (Oh, rite, I always like cool -and cute- character… :D) Her speciality is the power in her left hand, that can send “black wings” to attack. Oh, the left hand is full of tatto, which is used to limit her power if I’m not mistaken. 🙂 And here it is…

Hatori Miki


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