Random IM message from Fishbot

So today, I got some random IM message from someone that I don’t know. It appears to be swingingsalmon, a weird name, isn’t it? At first, I thought this message was send from Digsby widget I placed in here, which allow anyone to chat with me. But when I see it further, it is from Yahoo. Thanks to that, now I know what it is… Some information about this “fish” can be read here.

And what even weird is my screen name that appear in his/her screen is ManlyCoho… -.-‘ Damn, a bad name it is… The conversation is just take a moment, nothing special. So now I’m one of the victims from something called “Project Upstream”… The person who is randomly connected to me tell me about this since the conversation started, so me and he/she didn’t get tricked. Well, I am if he/she didn’t tell me first… 🙂

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