Internet, where everything can be lied

Have you ever seen a website that tell you how to make easy money? Then they show you the screenshot from their PayPal account, bank account, or even some program (like AdSense, ClickBank, etc) account, with thousands of dollars? Well, I just tired seeing this kind of website around us, seeing how many of people have been fooled…

There is two things to note. First, there is no easy money. Any kind of work require you to work hard, so don’t believe that there is an easy way to earn cash quick. Second, do not ever believe anything that the website show you! If you only read the testimonial, remember, they can write it by their own self, easily. If you seeing the screenshot, it can be manipulated easily. To know how good the website is, start searching on Google and ask on the forum.

Oh, first, it will be interesting if I show you a very easy way to manipulate screenshot. Look at the following screenshot:

Fake screenshot

See, how can I earn $2000 more in one day with AdSense!!! LOL 😀

Nah, is it photoshop-ed? No, it is the real screenshot from Firefox. Yup, real screenshot. I just blur some important information to protect my privacy, yes, just like that kind of website tell you. Well, want to know how to do it? Here we go…

Install FireBug plugins for Firefox, this is the must one. Then open any website you want to manipulate, stay in that page.

Now right click on the place you want to edit, click Inspect Element. Below screeny will help to explain better

Fake how to

Fake how to

See how it is? Easy eh? Of course there is another way such as saving the page and edit the html later, then open the edited page with any browser… Some photoshop skill might be required, but it is very easy to do!!!

So, don’t believe anything you see on the internet! Try join forum and ask the senior there. Search Google before you can be sure that the website is trusted. I’m not judged that all website that show this kind of information is scam, I just want to tell you that it might be scam, so beware!

Oh, if you want to shock your friend with some cool screenshot, you can do it too, such as showing your fake PayPal balance, or show how you hack a big website… lol 🙂 But, well, I’m just here to share the information and won’t responsible for any use of this article.

BTW, I found a cool website here: www.buymystupidebook.com 🙂 This method also works with Google Chrome without additional software/plugins.

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