Digsby, multiprotocol IM client

My installed Pidgin didn’t work well this past few days so I started looking for another multiprotocol IM client that is free and customizeable, then I ended up using Digsby. Well, why didn’t I use the single IM client? Simple, because I need to online in three (actually two) IM service at once, MSN, YM and ICQ (sometime). Digsby also support email notification and social networking such as Facebook and MySpace! This save my life a lot. 🙂 Also, I prefer the ad-free client… Oh, also, if you see the left sidebar on this blog now, you will see Digsby widget there! Yup, now you can chat with me directly from this blog… Don’t forget to set your name first so I can identify you. 😉

Okay, back to the client. During the installation, there is some ads and a few application that you need to install. There is total 4 application (free and trial, including Digsby), but I uninstall all of them leaving Digsby alone since I don’t need the other. 🙂 This is fine though, since it is available for free, the important thing is, there is no ads anymore after this…

The interface is nice, pretty cool actually, but at first it is a little messy for me. I prefer a clean look one, so I’m searching for the customization. There is many customization (skins, emoticons, conversation themes and sounds) available at Digsbies. Hmm… I started to love it now. 🙂

The skin can be changed easily by downloading the skin, then place the folder in C:\Program Files\Digsby\res\skins, while for emoticons and sounds, you need to replace the default folder (backup first of course). The buddy list also can be customized to the way we want. Yep, and now I make it look cleaner… 🙂

Now I also didn’t use Thunderbird anymore just for reading new message… All in one, I can say that this is one of the best IM client out there. 😉 And don’t forget, it is still in beta…

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