MAXX IV first impression

Yesterday, I flash my phone (as you might know, ROKR E2 :)) with the newest available firmware or Monster Pack (MP) from our Russian modder, 3-D. The thread is here. I download this files on the Megaupload mirror and on the average speed of 12 kB/s (still damn slow….but better than before), need 1 hours or so to finish it.

Then, I started to backup my phone data (actually just the sysDatabase folder inside ezx_user), power off my phone and remove both SD card and SIM card. After this, I turn on my phone on bootloader mode. This can be archived by holding voice key while powering the phone. Then, I open RSD Lite, connect my phone and start flashing the sbf. (MAXX IV only come with one sbf file)

I waited for about 20 minutes and after flash almost finish, as usual phone is power up by itself and RSD Lite status show that the phone is processing data. Different from any MP until today, the phone ask me to install ZMPlayer or QPlayer, then I choose QPlayer, wait until it show finish dialog. After that the RSD Lite ask to manually power on the phone, so I remove the data cable, remove the battery and put it on again, and power up the phone. After phone turned on, I connect my phone again, then RSD Lite show PASS. Flash done!

Now, I play around with my phone and I feel that the MAXX IV is quite fast, but well, as usual after flash, my main menu is screwed up, all games and application is back to menu. Then I restore my backup, restart my phone. Everything works perfectly. So I started to open Adv Menu Organizer (this application is included in MAXX IV, nice…) and moving everything. But I realize that sometime the Adv Menu Organizer didn’t pick the correct items (another bug, uh…). The weird thing is after done with it, I try to open my Games folder but it contains nothing. Other folder works fine though. Donno if it is my application bug or MAXX IV bug.

So then, I check the Adv Menu Organizer again, but it seems fine. Then, I back to Games folder and add a folder. Open the Adv Menu Organizer again and it finally it shows same as the menu. I have no choice instead of using multiple add to add all my games back and now it works fine.

The MAXX IV is one of the best MP currently, however the message bug that Revival solved seems haven’t implemented here. Too bad… One of the interesting is the video resolution now have Large one, instead of classic Medium and Small. I also saw Kaleidoscope II project on Motofan, and probably some binary or library from it is implemented on MAXX IV. 🙂

That’s it. So far, I satisfied with it. 🙂

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