If your anti virus can’t update

In this past few weeks, my AVG anti virus can’t update automatically. I’m not sure what cause the problem, but since my PC is quite laggy that time, I though there is some virus on my PC. At that time, my internet connection is very slow, thus, I can’t download a new anti virus. But now, after a little chat with xtreme tcx (The_X, or anything….he like to change his username…lol 🙂 ) he recommends me to use Avira and Malwarebytes.

Two or three days ago, my internet connection starting to perform better, then I started to download both Avira and Malwarebytes. But again, both application can’t connected to internet. So I have no choice instead of manually updating it. But now, I know the reason why my application refused to connect.

What is it? After seeking for answer on Google (the answer I got is from Yahoo! Answer 😀 lol), I finally know why. It is the Windows Firewall that block it. I’m not sure why, but both Avira and Malwarebytes is not listed on the exception list. Could it be the evil software that remove it? Probably, after I add both to the exception, they works fine. And for sure, both software detect infected files. 🙁 But now, it seems fine. Yes, it is better now. 🙂

For you who got the same problem as mine, but aware of how to do fix it, then here I go.

Open Control Panel and double clicks on Windows Firewall. Windows Firewall window will pop up, now click the Exceptions tab, you will find all application that used network connection there. If you didn’t find your protecting software there, then you need to add it. Click Add Program button. List of installed application will show up, select your application, for Avira, I need to add Start Avira AntiVir Personal. Repeat add all software that you need. Done! 🙂

And a screeny to help you! 🙂

Windows Firewall

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