E2 hang while messaging

Well, I got few question about this before, but before it happened on me, I can’t possibly know what’s wrong… So, just now, my phone freeze when trying to writing message. Not sure why it happens, but it stopped writing in the fourth character. Any key can’t respond. So I just reboot, hoping it will solve it.

Then, after phone boot up, I tried message again, writing and freeze again. Uhh… So I connect my phone to PC (the phone still functional, just it can’t respond any direct input) and start telneting.

So, I tried to kill the messaging process.

kill -9 `pidof messaging`

But no effect… 🙁

Then, I tried to see what process that phone currently run.

ps h -A

I saw that two process that the E2 usually run is not there, the am and phone. So, that’s the problem. Somehow, the both process freezed and stopped. Then I start the both process.

/usr/SYSqtapp/phone/phone -qws &
/usr/SYSqtapp/am/am &

Now, it works fine. 🙂 Not sure if there is a short way to solve it without PC. Oh, BTW, I’m using MAXX 4.


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