E2 hang while messaging

Well, I got few question about this before, but before it happened on me, I can’t possibly know what’s wrong… So, just now, my phone freeze when trying to writing message. Not sure why it happens, but it stopped writing in the fourth character. Any key can’t respond. So I just reboot, hoping it will solve it.

Then, after phone boot up, I tried message again, writing and freeze again. Uhh… So I connect my phone to PC (the phone still functional, just it can’t respond any direct input) and start telneting.

So, I tried to kill the messaging process.

kill -9 `pidof messaging`

But no effect… 🙁

Then, I tried to see what process that phone currently run.

ps h -A

I saw that two process that the E2 usually run is not there, the am and phone. So, that’s the problem. Somehow, the both process freezed and stopped. Then I start the both process.

/usr/SYSqtapp/phone/phone -qws &
/usr/SYSqtapp/am/am &

Now, it works fine. 🙂 Not sure if there is a short way to solve it without PC. Oh, BTW, I’m using MAXX 4.


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  1. Willy January 18, 2009 19:12

    i think that’s the Maxx 4 bugs or something, i got that sometimes, never had it before, just happened after i flash the maxx 4, oh by the way, there’s a post by fade2black said that there will be kaleidoscope II

  2. Tony January 20, 2009 12:38

    Hey Keyglez do you think it’s possible to add another volume cfg file to the MAXX4’s already configured one. I tried replacing it on BlackStorm and it worked perfectly with volume.cfg from M3.com but when I tried it with MAXX4 no response.

    • keaglez January 20, 2009 17:51

      @Willy, yeah, I know that. But well, as far as I can read, it still on development stage…

      @Tony, try to place it on /ezxlocal/.system/sysfiles/ezx_volumetable.cfg

  3. Tony January 21, 2009 01:17

    I’ve tried that method already when I re-checked the volmodder —> edit volumetable it still has the default one. Is there any other way of fixing this problem?

  4. The X January 21, 2009 14:22

    you’re always the lucky one huh…….

    • keaglez January 21, 2009 15:44

      @Tony, maybe you should try manual way… such as including “mount –bind /ezxlocal/ezx_volumetable.cfg /usr/SYSqtapp/sound/ezx_volumetable.cfg” to /ezxlocal/startup.txt and place the ezx_volumetable.cfg in ezxlocal.

      @The X, lol…..what is my luck?

  5. The X January 21, 2009 17:33

    very very lucky……i got more problem with it than you when i use Maxx 4……

    • keaglez January 22, 2009 09:53

      lol… maybe you just unlucky…… 😛

  6. gemintang November 15, 2010 18:08

    om k=pegel mo tanya…
    ini backgroundnya pake image atau pake css3…?

    • keaglez November 16, 2010 08:20

      Image aja koq…

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