Upgrade to WordPress 2.7

Now, I have upgraded to WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane”. The new admin interface is pretty cool, alot of improvement has made. It is now available to download on the WordPress website.

If you aware how to upgrade your current WordPress to this new version, then read this whole story. 🙂

First, backup the database first, we can do it using PHP My Admin. The full instruction can be found here.

Second, remove the previous WordPress, on my case, it is 2.65. Since I used Fantatisco to install my previous WordPress, I remove using it too.

Third is to install the new WordPress. The installation is simple, we just need upload all the files in archives to the website root directory. After that complete, open your website and run the usual installation. (add write permission to the wp-config.php files first or manually create it using the samples) Done.

Fourth, restore the backup files using PHP My Admin. If to backup, we going to Export, now we go to Import. Select the backup files you saved earlier and proceed.

Fifth and the last, back and open your website. You will see WordPress will prompt to upgrade the database, proceed and new WordPress is ready to use.

As the documentation said, from this version and later, manual upgrade will not be needed anymore. 🙂

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