The Adv Menu Organizer source code

Ok guys, this is my new application source. If you haven’t know this, please take a look on my website. This application will be useful to organizing your menu faster and easier.

This is my first time creating a C++ and QT application. Therefore, sorry if the code is a bit messy. This application is created using SDK by blackhawk with E2 header files taken from lasly’s SDK. Lately, I got header files from arctu, but it doesn’t make differences whether it compiled using any of these SDK.

Download the source code here. (links removed as it’s already expired, I have lost the source code myself)

Please use it wisely. It might be useful for you or maybe you want to make the optimization from this application. 😉

Along with this posts, I would like to inform you of some bug discovered by my tester.

  • It failed to remove application icon on some MP. (by zigot)
  • While removing unavailable data application on Zine2 MP, it removes some built in folder. (by xtreme tcx)

I haven’t find the clue to solve this issue yet, maybe later. If you encountered the same bug or another bug, please do inform me. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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