Setup cross compiler for ROKR E2

Now, lets have a look on how to setup a cross compiler, so that you can developt a native application for ROKR E2 (EZX). We need ezx crosstool to build our cross compiler, thanks to Samr7. Download the ezx_crosstool0.6.zip from Samr7’s blog or here.

Before we proceed, make sure that you have all the requirement first:

  • a Linux PC
  • internet connection
  • 2 GB hard disk space
  • basic Linux knowledge

Now lets start. First, make sure your Linux distro have development tools installed. If you are using Ubuntu, in order to succesfully build the crosstool, you need to get build-essentials, bison and flex package. They are all available on the repository. So, simply type this on terminal:

sudo apt-get install build-essentials bison flex

For me, I’m using Puppy Linux run inside Windows XP using Virtualbox. For Puppy, you need to have devx files from here.

For another distro, please read their documentation. 🙂

Now, lets start build the crosstool. Extract the package you have downloaded above, you will get a tar.bz2 archive, extract it again. Now you will have a list of files and folders. Then, run terminal and change directory to where you extract the archive, for example:

cd /home/keaglez/ezx-crosstool-0.6

Finally, run the build.sh:


Wait for 30 minutes or so, if it success, it will show done on the screen. The final result is placed inside gcc-arm-iwmmxt/gcc-3.3.6-glibc-2.3.2/arm-linux folder, so copy/move it anywhere you like. 🙂

Next step is using the SDK, download them on e2mod and read their README, it is easy to understand. Hope more people are interested to developt native application for ROKR E2 or other EZX phones. How about you? 😉

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