Flowbox, development plan :)

On my previous post, I said that I wan’t to create an application using PictureFlow widget as it’s interface. Now, the idea is ready, the coding will be begin in short time. Here is the idea.

First, what the application does is a file manager with the awesome PictureFlow interface. So, we will able to browse our phone/card directory. That’s the basic of this application, and I named it Flowbox. 🙂

Before we continue, back when I involved in Revival project, I also have interest on doing file manager project. Using the showList (changed to showFileBrowse after that) binary, and Bash. I talked to Taurnil and arctu about this plan, Taurnil suggested to use plugins based, which means, the application can be improved easily without need to touch the original code.  The result is incomplete and slow, as you can see in our Revival project trash… lol But, that idea will be used here. 

So, we will have plugins in this application which can be developed by all interested  developer. For how the plugins works, I still think of it. Your suggestion are welcome too. 🙂 I hope, we can have some plugins that can play the music file or even video, which is really possible.

Also, I’ll make the look and layout customizeable, using the separated themes graphics and configuration. Probably, we can change the background color (dunno if images is possible yet), set the widget and the image slide size, and more.

That’s the plan. I’m not sure when I can finished it, but hope in the begining of 2009. If you like this project, make sure to stay tune with this blog. 😛

Notes: The source will be released under GNU GPL license. 😉

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