Better look or valid CSS?

I face a problem right now, to choose between better look or valid CSS. It is not a big thing though, it just a matter of scrollbar you see inside the content area. For now, you can see two scrollbar placed on right and bottom. The bottom scrollbar here is not used at all, it is useless. So it just make the look worse.

Now, to solve this I need to use CSS 3 properties, instead of CSS 2.1, the overflow-y and overflow-x but that will make my blog didn’t valid anymore. The CSS 3, is still under development, but these properties is supported by most modern browser. Also since my blog is specially created for modern browser, it won’t be a problem for me.

So, now I need to choose. Get rid of the bottom sidebar or left it and wait for CSS 3. What is your opinion? For me, I still thinking what is the best, but probably, I will go to better look instead.

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