An earlier Flowbox development report and snap

Some feature from Flowbox have been completed today. Now I can browse around my files and folders. 🙂 However, it still need a lot of work and improvement, since in the current stage, it still working slowly and buggy.

As of now, I have able to change the widget size and image size using separated configuration files. To read configuration, I use ConfigFile class by kidscracker, which used on his E2 Light application. So for theme system, it is working now.

Here is some snap:

Flowbox Flowbox

Sweet…. 🙂

Here is some stuff that has been done:

  • Browse from folder to folder.
  • Extension default images can be customized, that means, while you have music files, you can display different image than unknown file.
  • Root directory can be customized, umm, I mean the starting directory.
  • Menu images and layout background can be customized.
  • Widget size and images slide size can be customized too.

That’s it… But some bug is still annoying me…

  • The text widget and PictureFlow widget is not synchronized sometime. 🙁
  • Slow when reading directory. 🙁

And I still need to work on the plugins system and more configuration to each theme and plugins. (as for now, the configuration is still in a single file, but it’s read the images on the specified theme directory)

That’s it for today… 🙂

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