Beware of OutSourcingRoom dot com

Recently I got a lot of spam message, usually I ignore this kind of message but there is one message that caught my attention. It is the registration information from OutSourcingRoom.com, looks like an outsourcing website similar to Elance and Get a Freelancer. I don’t remember have do any registration with this website and since it is placed in my spam folder, I bet many people have got the same message.

But why did I pay attention with it? Well, I open the website and can see that it was built pretty well, so unlike a scam website, this website sure looks promising. Then, I search in Google to see if there is another people experienced the same thing, and yes, there is. One interesting website that write about this is from Jason Dunn blog. It said that OutSourcingRoom hack and stole costumer data from Elance, then when I search further, I get another similar stories.

However, I didn’t registered on Elance, so probably it now takes data from another website or there is someone who registered using my email address. I’m not sure though, but we need to beware. 🙂

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  1. Philip Petrov July 31, 2009 13:05

    Companies are sharing contact details of their customers and therefore compromising their privacy policies. I do not know if the intelligence agencies are working on this problem; however I know it is regular practice!

  2. keaglez August 1, 2009 04:56

    Oh well, I don’t know about that, that’s not a good practice. I will think twice now when providing information for a company. 🙂 Usually, the company policies didn’t allow that, so it is possible that it’s done by insider, or as Elance claim, that it is hacked.

  3. Translator August 7, 2009 14:47

    Elance is not alone. OutSourcingRoom is evil. See this link… http://www.proz.com/about/security

  4. keaglez August 7, 2009 19:01

    Wow, thanks for the link…

  5. nate August 26, 2009 03:11

    I’m sure Elance owners sold their database to OutsourcingRoom, and then they informed their customers that their site was hacked. It was very wise of them. I wonder how much they earned in the days of economic crisis. At least we can see they have enough money to pay for posting discreditable articles about their partner or competitor – Outsourcingroom.

  6. B. Sarac September 13, 2009 22:47

    I work on OutsourcingRoom and I consider OSR a trustworthy business.

  7. keaglez September 15, 2009 16:33

    But then how can you explain the customer profiles that is stolen from another website?

  8. Tamara October 1, 2009 06:00

    Outsourcingrooms.com also used my data i never registered with them and have written to them Several times to be removed from thier website. STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ARE FAKE

  9. DKA October 25, 2009 00:28

    There cannot be someone who used my email address since it had my username that I use in many places including youtube. We have to be more careful since it also showed one of the passwords that I use.

  10. Steffan November 23, 2009 04:45

    Analyzing the numerous posts about “how bad is OutsourcingRoom” and “how good is Elance” I should admit that it looks like a black PR. Elance staff writer Daniel P. Brown haven’t been sleeping many night posting his single article about OutsourcingRoom.:) Hey, guys from OutsourcingRoom, good luck with your business! It’s awesome to have a new service in the Internet without shill posters.

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