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If you can see this post, then you are accessing this blog in the new host. Now, I used IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange) host which is located in Indonesia, so it should be faster for Indonesian users. In theory, it should be slower for international users, but I’m not sure either. If you read this post, please tell me if you feel the difference…

The reason I moved to IIX is, to makes this blog load faster for me and my client. Oh, btw, I used Dracoola hosting service, which is pretty good in my opinion. 🙂

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  1. Jokaaaaaaaaaaaa June 4, 2009 22:41

    faster than before!!!

    • keaglez June 6, 2009 03:06

      Nice.. Thanks for report!

  2. Philip Petrov June 10, 2009 16:58

    Same thing with me 🙂

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