Google Page Rank 2!

LOL, I can’t believe that this blog has Google Page Rank 2 now. My Alexa also now ranked in 943,041. Good news then… I think I will write more now… 🙂

I wonder how Google give this PR, as this blog didn’t have many visitor and didn’t have many backlinks (only two based on Google). So, how is this PR actually work? Hmmmm…. Well, hope I will get PR 3 later… haha 😀

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  1. JithinSK April 6, 2009 12:44

    Congrats… And my site went from PR0 to PR1 on this update.. 😀

  2. Blogger Jakarta May 10, 2009 04:12

    wow .. great one … you can tell that’s how I can get rank 2 also like you ? please ?

  3. keaglez May 12, 2009 15:57

    doing nothing…….. really, i didn’t do anything. Some backlinks and that’s all… 🙂

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