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This is just a quick post for Indonesian users or anyone that can read Indonesian. 🙂 Someday ago, I found one awesome story that was written from a real experience by an users from Kaskus, endlessend. The stories get a pretty high respond from the Kaskuser (terms for Kaskus users) and now it is available to read from the authors blog. Here it is Serpihan cerita tentang dia. Of course, since it is written in Indonesian, you must be able to read Indonesian. You can, however use Google translation, but you won’t enjoy it.

Well, this is a love story and pretty sad, and it probably will remind you of the love story you ever had at school or your first love. I really recommend this story for everyone. So if you have time, get a tissue and go read it. 🙂 Oh, the stories still continue. For the latest update, you must visit his thread on Kaskus.

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