Two busy days

I finally get my first job as a freelancer, therefore I’m pretty busy this two days. The work sounds easy, to fix error things on the website. At first, the error that reported to me is just a few, but then, after more check, it getting more and more. I’m working from 8 am, until 6 pm today. I’m really tired (now I know how arctu and Taurnil feels while they were busy). 🙂 So I’m gonna sleep now.

For this work, they’ll pay me IDR 600.000, or around $60. For two days work, it’s not bad. But really a hard work. Well, they haven’t paid me yet. They promised to pay me at the welcoming new year and will divide to multiple times, which is not cool. 🙁 Well, as long as they can pay, I’ll be fine. They even want to hire me as an administration of their website that paid monthly. LOL But, I’m waiting for their payment first before deciding. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be free, so I’ll continue my Flowbox development.

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