Testing the new templates

Here I create my first and only templates for WordPress, the result is as you can see on your screen. It still buggy I think, so please report me whenever you see something unexpectedly happens while navigating here.

This templates should works fine on Mozilla Firefox 3+ and Google Chrome. Opera 9 shows fine too, but have some margin problem. Internet Explorer didn’t works well, I can’t resize the element height so you will see a scrollbar on your browser window and a scrollbar inside the element. There also an error reported that I didn’t have clue yet.

So how it looks in your browser? Please comment! I guess old browsers will display this page very badly. Now, I will try to fix something in this themes, and then make sure that it has valid XHTML and CSS. 🙂


Now it has valid CSS and XHTML. It looks fine on almost all modern browsers except for Internet Explorer, which shows some error even that it render fine. The Internet Explorer 6 and lower breaks badly. Opera 7 and lower and Konqueror also has some issue. Well, I see them on browsershots.org, so I can’t be sure if the pop out menu will works or not on some browser.

I will work for some simple version of this templates later to get support on more older browsers. As for now, this website is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox 3+ on 1024×768 screen. 🙂

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